The story began in 1958. Angelo Arguti, his wife Gina and her children (Fiorina, Adelina and Ugo) leaves the small village of Bagni di Lucca in Tuscany to settle in the region of Saint-Emilion. Angelo is engaged as master of chai in the castle Fombrauge which at that time belonged to the family Bygodt. Child, Ugo manifest already its interest in the wine by accompanying his dad, when he can, to the hour of the vinifications. A few years later he began a training in viticulture (wines and vines). The sudden disappearance of Angelo led Ugo to succeed him with the family Bygodt.

It was at this time that begins the story of Ugo with the wine of Fombrauge. Of Master Chais it climb up the ladder and becomes over the years the director. After 27 vintages Fombrauge developed at the Castle, the desire to raise his own wine is becoming more and more strong.

It is by chance in 2004, during a trip in Roussillon, with his wife Marie-Christine and his daughter Angelique, he falls under the charm of the village of Saint-Paul de Fenouillet and a small jewel of vine flooded, with sun on the ridge of the Pyrenees-Orientales. The stroke of lightning is instantaneous. Two months later, they bought a field of 3.6 hectares in Saint-Paul de Fenouillet.

For the first three vintages (2004,2005 and 2006), Ugo is still retained on the property saint-emilionnaise. It is Marie-Christine, attached to hospital administration to the HRD of the Hospital Center of Libourne, which concentrates its holiday in Saint-Paul de Fenouillet for vinification, in permanent phone relationship with Ugo. Result: The 2005 will be white gold medal at the salon of independent winegrowers of the Roussillon and the red 2006 will get the Bacchus who is the greatest distinction of the designation.

Since this time with his wife Marie-Christine, Ugo lives his passion and has continued that to maintain a high quality in its wines.

Ugo and Marie-Christine invites you to discover their wines.