The work of wine growers is done in continuity throughout the year. We follow the vegetative cycle of the vine and are dependent on climatic conditions.The growth of the vine requires our full attention.


Winter - The winter rest

From November to February, the vine is in a dormant period. It was at this time we do the pruning to control its growth, as well as the performance of the future harvest. The sap is no longer circulating in the plant and we mold each vine plant in goblet method.


Spring - Renewing

The vine wakes up, the sap flows back into the plant. This is the birth of a new vintage.


In April, the first buds are appearing small leaves and small flowers appear it is flowering.

Summer - The ¨nouaison¨ and ¨veraison¨

In July, the foliage continuous to develop and the flowers are going to change in grapes, it is the "nouaison". In August, the green grapes grow, ripen and change colors, it is the "veraison". They become less acidic and enriched in sugars and flavors.



Autumn - Grape harvesting

This is the harvest season, we harvest the fruit by hand of all our work. At the end of the season, the leaves of the vines begin to turn yellow, red and then fall.