Saint-Paul de Fenouillet is a mediterranean village from the south of France, located between sea and mountains in the department of the Pyrénées-Orientales (Languedoc-Roussillon region).


Two rivers run peacefully between the mountains of the Corbières and the peaks of the Pyrénées, the Agly and Boulzane.

The contrast of the rocks with the maquis dark green offers landscapes absolutely beautiful. The garrigue of thyme and rosemary who occupies the slopes of the mountains up to the peaks of the Rockies limestone we surrounded by its fragrance.

From its lovely heptagonal pinnacle you will enjoy a beautiful view of Saint-Paul and its vineyards. To the north you can observe the spectacular site of ¨ Gorges de Galamus¨ and see to the bottom of the canyon widened in the limestone rocks, the waters of greenish color of the Agly river. To the south ¨la Clue de la Fou¨, this impressive included cut the mountain in two and opens to the gallo-roman bridge.

The great diversity of soils, the typical Mediterranean climate, the exceptional sunshine and the winds make Saint-Paul de Fenouillet a favorable place to the development of great wines.


The Vineyard soils based on schist soils, exposed full south in 300 meters of altitude and extends over 6.5 hectares. It enjoys an exceptional micro-climate.


The average age of the vineyard is 40 years. The vineyard is composed of black Grenache, Syrah and Carignan for the reds, Grey Grenache and Muscat for the whites.

Our vines are taken care of using the traditional and professional grape-farming methods. The vines are worked in a traditional way and professional grape-farming methods, and are subject to meticulous care and attention.